The California breakfast slam: Egg-o-mania



Pflügerstrasse 19 Berlin

030 3512 8731

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Mon-Sun from 11:00



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New location!

We've moved! As of February 3rd:

Innstrasse 47 | Wildenbruchplatz
12045 Berlin


El Magico more than 7 years ago

Dey hea

CBS is in Neukölln u dipshits

Pflügerstrasse 19 (Corner Nansen)

Git wit da program. o izz u a crakahed?

Jhani Cornelius more than 9 years ago

Doesn't exist.

7000 (7std) appears to have disappeared from Skalitzerstr. Also tried the place at Falckensteinstr 46 -- they don't do breakfast at all. Quite disappointed.

Peter more than 9 years ago

New Location

Yo shift your googlemap to the right a couple of cm. We moved about 1km east to Falckensteinstr 46, from the old spot at skaltizerstr 54. Reopening on the 15th of May.

More details at

cabsam more than 10 years ago

Saturday Tip

Attention Breakfast Disciples: Saturday's the time to come, cause Sunday's a freakin madhouse! Just a tip...

The California Breakfast Slam more than 10 years ago

Real American breakfast?

Intermittent Biscuits and Gravy = Intermittent love. I need a little more commitment.

Southern Belle more than 10 years ago

The California breakfast slam

Delicious! Ate there a couple of times and I never got disappointed. The price is correct: U get a big (or full) plate that you can barely eat by yourself. But You don't want to share either ;)

TomTom more than 10 years ago

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