The California breakfast slam: Egg-o-mania



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New location!

We've moved! As of February 3rd:

Innstrasse 47 | Wildenbruchplatz
12045 Berlin


El Magico more than 6 years ago

Dey hea

CBS is in Neukölln u dipshits

Pflügerstrasse 19 (Corner Nansen)

Git wit da program. o izz u a crakahed?

Jhani Cornelius more than 8 years ago

Doesn't exist.

7000 (7std) appears to have disappeared from Skalitzerstr. Also tried the place at Falckensteinstr 46 -- they don't do breakfast at all. Quite disappointed.

Peter more than 8 years ago

New Location

Yo shift your googlemap to the right a couple of cm. We moved about 1km east to Falckensteinstr 46, from the old spot at skaltizerstr 54. Reopening on the 15th of May.

More details at

cabsam more than 8 years ago

Saturday Tip

Attention Breakfast Disciples: Saturday's the time to come, cause Sunday's a freakin madhouse! Just a tip...

The California Breakfast Slam more than 9 years ago

Real American breakfast?

Intermittent Biscuits and Gravy = Intermittent love. I need a little more commitment.

Southern Belle more than 9 years ago

The California breakfast slam

Delicious! Ate there a couple of times and I never got disappointed. The price is correct: U get a big (or full) plate that you can barely eat by yourself. But You don't want to share either ;)

TomTom more than 9 years ago

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