The guilty vegetarian


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Can it not be considered unethical to spend so much of your money on bio that you can no longer travel? This means a limited perspective of the human experience, which is legitimately terrible for a society as well! Perhaps the govt should subsidize bio foods?

Former Bio Shop Worker more than 7 years ago

A guilty meat eater washing hands?

This article is kind of a mess. Yes, there's more to etchical eating than just vegetarianism. But when explaining how vegetarian food production is not always peachy either, remember that to produce meat you instead, you still need to produce 10 times more vegetarian foods to feed the animals first.

Some issues raised might be relevant (though they don't really challenge that vegetarianism is a good thing), other accusations just seem completely unfounded. Like when asking over and over how reliable the mass-produced bio products in Netto, Lidl or Aldi can really be? Come on, If you suspect the products don't live up to the standards for organic production, then do the research and find out if this is actually true - instead of just discrediting through retorical questions. That's a parody of bad journalism!

I suspect rather it's really written by a guilty meat eater who's trying to wash hands by arguing that "there's also other problems in the world..."

Reader more than 9 years ago

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