Taco takeover: Our favourite Mexican bites in Berlin



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Best Tacos in Berlin

In fact, El Oso became famous in his second Pop-up, the first was made before, however, today, for me, together with El Chaparro and María Bonita, they are the best tacos you can find in Berlin!

Arre Mexican Essen 4 days ago

One place missing here

One place that is never mentioned here and has been a staple for Mexican food for the last 5 years is Sandunga Mezcaleria in Friedrichshain. The place is ran by a couple and they only cook fresh food for people who book ahead (to avoid waste and be sustainable). You should check them out.

Cristina 5 days ago

Re: Sandunga

Love Sandunga. However the order-1-day-ahead policy is a bit difficult because sometimes I just want to swing by and buy some tacos :(

Fr 4 days ago

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