Típica: Mitte Mex



Rosenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin

030 2509 9440

Sun-Thu 11-23:00, Fri-Sat 11-1:00, Delivery through Bloomsburys


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Real Mexican Food

OMG, some real Mexican food in Berlin? Tired of the ketchup salsa and under spiced food that calls itself "Mexican". Hallelujah to that. I lived in Phoenix, AZ for 20 years and was hoping to find something like this here. Do you guys need a cook? I learned from the best.

Klaus J Noeth more than 8 years ago

Real Mexican food in Berlin

OMG after living in Phoenix, AZ you are telling me there's some REAL Mexican food in Berlin? Gonna try it and maybe I should be working there.

Klaus J Noeth more than 8 years ago

Ants eggs

Que Chido!

Innes Forbes more than 9 years ago

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