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I recently did a food tour in Berlin with the bitemojo app and I must say it was fantastic! As a real foodie, I have tried traditional food tours with guides in many places, but doing a food tour with this app is certainly my new preferred way to explore cities! It’s super flexible, I was able to time and pace the tour myself, stay and enjoy the restaurants as long as I wanted and take breaks whenever needed. The food was really well curated and the restaurants were super nice. The best part was that bitemojo also offers points of interest between the food stops, which were also super interesting. So it’s really more like a sightseeing food tour! I really recommend this app for travelers who want to experience the cities their own way and take charge of their own traveling experience!

Anna Greene more than 3 years ago

Are you sure you don't work for bitemojo app?

Sure sounds like it.

SmokyWind more than 3 years ago

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