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There is a new place on Okerstraße (U Leinestraße) which does burgers and burritos. You don't need to eat for a week after one of their burritos - so good!! And get the pimientos de padron as a side, something a little different and really tasty too.

Sarah F more than 7 years ago

Great food, great stares

The food is genuinely brilliant. Really fresh ingredients, great flavours.

But more importantly, I like the ladies and I like to leer.

Rob Shutler more than 7 years ago

It makes me happy

I like this place because I like food and the food tastes good and that makes me happy and then I can go home with a smile on my face.

Reuben Davies more than 7 years ago

Pork belly

You forgot to mention the amazing Pork belly burrito at Santa Maria!!

I always like to wash it down with a couple of shots.

Then I'm of home to watch re-runs of classic Man United games.

Don't get much better than that peeps!!!

Nathan Kumar more than 7 years ago

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