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went to the BLUB recently with my girlfriend, who used to go there as a kid.
it made her incredibly depressed!
and there were so many people there it didn't feel at all like exploring an abandoned building.
though it did give me a little hope, seeing all these people spending time in a place where there was no opportunity to spend money!

they should give it to the DIY skatepark builders of Berlin. They'd turn it into a place for kids of all ages to bring back the screams of joy and delight it once heard...

Theo Van Schopes more than 4 years ago

old news

I went to the Iraqi embassy in 2006. This story is so old it's boring. Anyone who needs to read instructions on where to go, how to get in and what the risk factor is, doesn't belong there.

anti-ex more than 4 years ago

Take only photos, leave only footsteps...

Sad that now also the Exberliner is "inviting" people to venture "abandoned places", without even mentioning 1) it is illegal 2) it is dangerous 3) it is destroying the places more and more through the carelessness / stupidity of people who think it is cool to steal, destroy or paint these places... I would have expected that the "journalist" does his homework and researches a bit about the topic of "urbex" (urban exploration) and at least adds the most important guideline: "Take only photos, leave only footsteps..."

UrbanKat more than 4 years ago

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