Berlin's new cooperative supermarkets




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Joan Christopher 6 days ago


It's interesting to see the correlation between less compromising attitudes and lack of self-awareness. Robin Hood who seem to try hardest to avoid the capitalist machine are the ones who inadvertantly imploy the most basic tool of the capitalist fantasy market, selling of illusions instead of honest realities by pricing their goods with the capitalist "one cent off" 4.29 instead of the honest 4.30.

Anders 13 days ago

Nice list

Now we know what supermarkets to avoid.

Karl 14 days ago


Ignorant comment. Why not go there and see for yourself the good they’re doing?

Ben 13 days ago

Been there

I visited Robin Hood in all its misery. Feels like an hobby operation ran by hangry children. The „good“ is entirely self-referential and limited to

Some anti-capitalistic circle jerk 13 days ago


"Some anti-capitalistic circle jerk" is not really a problem for me. Some people run shops predicated on the idea that cheese is good. Some run shops based on the idea that large men should run into each other wearing sweaty clothing. If somebody else wants to run a few shops based on the idea that wage theft is bad, who am I to care?

Todd 12 days ago

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