No need to go south: Five German staycations



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Have you ever been in Venice to compare it with Hamburg?

I get the intention to keep Germans in Germany this year for the summer holidays but I don’t see the point of diminishing the beauty of Italy. Every country is unique without the need of low comparisons between them.

Costanza 23 days ago

hmmm not convinced

Planned a staycation recently. Looked at places transport friendly and an hour or so from Berlin. Brandenberg was probably the most depressing, lots of poorly maintained homes with black vinyl furniture and Ikea. The hotels weren't that exciting either - two beds stuck together with wood in the middle and the soft square pillows never appeal and prices higher than many places in Berlin. So we ended up staying at a fancy hotel in Berlin.

Jane 23 days ago

Hmm not convinced

Well if you want to spend the entire time indoors for fear of exposure to nature, lakes and clean air, then stay in town.

Spud 12 days ago

Good try but can't replace southern weather

It s all beautiful in their own way but the need to go south is not only because of the scenery but because of the weather 😭

Thalia 23 days ago


Hum that’s a pretty weak list apart from the first tip, if I may say!

Cam 24 days ago


Why not add to the list instead of complaining. Oh. That’s all you know how to do

Frank 23 days ago


Him, that’s a pretty weak comment, if I may say

Frank 23 days ago

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