Chock full of chakra: Top 5 yoga studios


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"tendon snapping"

Bikram Yoga is a highly therapeutic form of yang asana practice.

Marieke more than 3 years ago

English yoga teacher training

Freistilyoga Berlin is another great studio for English speakers. Also, they are doing a one month intensive yoga teacher trainings in English with a well known Himalayan yogi. He is coming January 2016 next. Worth checking out.

Chloe Ovrom more than 5 years ago


I would love to teach yoga in Berlin for a few weeks or months, depending on how much work there is. If anyone has any connections or advice, I'd love that!

Cat Woods more than 6 years ago

good studio

A studio I really like is freistilyoga on Planufer in Kreuzberg. Lots of space and friendly English-speaking teachers.

David more than 6 years ago

Yoga for all

Expats will also like y4all on Griefswalder strasse: great space, good teachers and courses give a good workout. My fav yoga in berlin

Thomas more than 6 years ago


Hi Thomas

Does y4all hire international teachers?

more than 6 years ago

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