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I know...

hi Lisa J,

I was happy to write an article about the socialist/communist origins of International Women's Day.

But I didn't recommend buying women flowers on on March 8! My only recommendation is to go to political meetings and demonstrations to fight for women's liberation through socialist revolution. Also, I certainly didn't write that "women like chocolate" - I like chocolate more than most women I know!

So I think the article is good except for the first two paragraphs and the last sentence...


Wladek Flakin more than 10 years ago


"But the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day reminds us that the struggle for women’s rights continues. And more to the point, that women still love chocolate."

I honestly cannot believe that someone who is chosen to right about the International Women's Day, where gender equality and women solidarity are the key factors, thinks that the main point is to give women some flowers and chocolate.
In ExBerliner? C'mon!

I can also add that I hate chocolate, and nowhere can you find substance for the "all women love chocolate"-theory. I highly doubt that the women who initated this day were out to get more candy, love and sweet nothings - is that really the essence of what women all over the world really miss?

The struggle for women's right DO continue, not with any help from pieces like these.

Lisa J. more than 10 years ago

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