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Hahaha thanks!!

Funny look at all these silly kinder saying you’re destroying a ‘culture’. I’m sure the culture is not that weak as they say it is. So selfish the people that they hate the idea of sharing something lovely with a new crowd!

Andre more than 1 year ago

please delete that fucking list

you destroy the work of the subculture of Berlin

me more than 4 years ago

Please take down

You are exploiting some of the venues that kept their media appearence to minimum FOR A REASON. And you don't publish those infos if you care and support. Please be sensible and take down.

Pepe more than 4 years ago


thats is sooo payd article sponsored hahaha

Lilo more than 4 years ago


why would you share this information? this article is SO frustrating to read. you are ruining the integrity of a scene. most people who would read this article, are not going to the clubs for the music anyway! you're destroying something here...

lemur more than 4 years ago

craptacular article.

Bitte, leave Berlin. You're destroying it.

FritzOtto more than 4 years ago


That line about the underground being dead is so infuriating! isn't that exactly the point of your article? that YOU still know the cool underground places that are not filled up with tourists? i hope you're making nice profit out of it you selfish pricks.

untergrundfan more than 4 years ago

please don't do that

The underground is still alive, but it's struggling hard. Not because of "ausländer" or "tourists" but because of consumists who, reading articles like this one come to our (still underground) places and consume the underground out of them.

petera more than 4 years ago


Hausverbot for EXBERLINER.
Thanks for nothing. Keep up destroying the Berlin underground szene.

Hausver-Bot more than 4 years ago

Seid ihr total bekloppt?

Verpisst euch

Dr more than 4 years ago


Why should one go to Gegen to "watch people", no we dont want british tourist straight people watching us being free and hedonistic.
Berlin nightlife is dying because of these people looking for the party, rather then being and making the party themselfes.
fuck off!

carl more than 4 years ago

Big ball of Bullshit

"You won’t find them on Facebook or Google Maps: these hidden spots are only for the in-the-know. Just don’t tell them we told you." - what kind of seriously mentally damaged authors are you people? Are you that stupid? Now - thanks to you - those places will be find on every search machine.
Besides, since when are S036 and the Cantine "underrated"? Seldom seen something so useless.
Shame on you.

Ivanka more than 4 years ago

yeah, a big F *you ...

F-you for this crappy reveal article. You deserve to go back to whatever pre Berlin hipster environment you came from Jennifer Adams! F * your stupid magazine too!

Daniel more than 4 years ago

F**k you is the new thank you

Thank you very much, JA (I guess Jennifer Adams?). Now some of the truly hidden spots and "last tourist-free oasis" are thanks to you not hidden or secret or "tourist-free" anymore. I bet you yourself is one of these stupid tourists, otherwise you'd know what's secret should be kept secret.
How dare you publish without permission of the people running those places? Fuck you so very much for ruining it!
Shame you

one of the owners of the "last tourist-free oasis" more than 4 years ago


Yes,terribly irresponsible and annoying hipster bullshit piece. It totally pisses me off as well. Whoever Jennifer Adams is,she should be sent back to Brooklyn or Whatever hipster place she came from!

Danny more than 4 years ago

totally agree!

they only do it cuz they're not in the US anymore. Otherwise there would be already a lawsuit against them. assholes!
lucky you, Jennifer Adams and exberliner, this is not america.

ivanka more than 4 years ago

keep those foreigners out!

Hey club owner, you sound like a xenophobic idiot. Stupid tourists? Ausländer-freie Zone? Seriously? The internet killed the underground ten years ago. Your events are listed in English on Facebook for everyone to find. Grow up!

Seymour more than 4 years ago

Seymour, can you read?

Hey Seymour,
maybe you should read what's written about the "secret" places. The text is xenophobic, the comment just repeated it. Actually it sounds written by the kind of expat expecting to find only "natives" in the berliner last "secret" places, like a good hipster.

A foreigner ;) more than 4 years ago

define "xenophobic"

Hey "a foreigner", I'm just curious what you understand as "xenophobic", as I failed to detect anything even remotely hostile towards foreigners in the text about secret places (or anywhere else in the piece). Please enlighten me.

Screaming Harry Truman more than 4 years ago

No xenofobie

Oh jeez. There comes an expat, thinks he/she is rediscovering the wheel, calling a place in kreuzberg "the last tourist-free oasis in the party strip between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain" (attention: that's a quote) - which is Quatsch, cuz if he/she is in there, then it's not "tourist-free" - and I'm the xenophobe?
Seymour, my dear, leave your cognitive bias aside and show up for a beer, will ya? ;)

One of the owner said of said place more than 4 years ago

well said.


GoF-yourself more than 4 years ago

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