David Bowie is the stewed cabbage of rock!



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The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall

Bowie was a brilliant thief and a master con man with a good ear for hooks. There are some great albums in that vault but everything after Scary Monsters ranged from horrid to boring, especially if you were looking for music that actually *meant* something. Bowie always relied on masters to steal from... from Newley to Bolan to Walker (et al)... and when he ran out of masters... when he *became* the master... he stole from himself (making love to his ego?) and began to fade. Too many of Bowie's fans are, essentially, celebrating his awesome will to power, I fear. In that way he is closer to Madonna than his fans would ever admit. For something closer to Art, I prefer Momus or King Crimson or Morrissey...

Velvet Starship more than 6 years ago


The green-eyed monster strikes again. :)

hermione more than 6 years ago

Well quite

"I accept that David Bowie was very important for a swathe of young men unsure of, or brutalised for, their sexuality"

Bollocks and shite. A self important poser trying to grab some edge by pretending he wasn't tediously normal once you stopped paying him the attention he craved. I'd take Laary Grayson or John Inman as important cultural signifiers for camp over Bowie any day.

The laughing gnome was OK though. He went downhill after that.

Ode to Joy more than 6 years ago

The Importance of Bowie

Hmmm - just because you don't get Bowie (and actually appear for some reason to be bitter or jealous of him) does not alter the fact that he was, indeed, very important to young gay men and other minorities back in the seventies. In particular, he was able to make serious and successful music and art, whilst being openly gay/bisexual - nobody had done that before and homosexuality had barely been legalised in the UK and was a taboo subject. Through his art he essentially told gay people and other 'unusual' minorities that they were 'not alone' and that they, too, could be taken seriously and succeed. Inspirational! The other two you mention, just continued the music hall tradition of taking the piss out of 'camp' mannerisms and got their laughs through innuendo and double entendres. Bowie has never had to pretend he's 'not normal' - his artistic creativity has always come quite naturally! Visit the exhibition, with an open mind if you can manage that, and you might just begin to understand.

Colin more than 6 years ago


Jake, I won't go into detail about the self-aggrandizing narcissism of your writing style, or your begrudging denial of Bowie's achievements, both musically and culturally. Better instead to just leave it at this: On his worst day, Bowie pisses with more grace and import than you write.

J. Collier more than 6 years ago

here here

I agree. I'm not a "fan", but there's no denying the power of the Bowie product. Mr. Sweetman makes it sound like some over-hyped crap, but it's really not.

Did Iggy record the "Lust For Life" album here with Bowie? That's enough to make me interested...

Dave more than 6 years ago

Barclay James Harvest in Berlin 1982

Here is the BJH concert referenced in the article: http://bongorama.com/2014/05/20/barclay-james-harvest-a-concert-for-the-people-berlin-1982/

Ronnie Rocket more than 6 years ago


The article refers to their other Berlin concert, Treptower Park 1987, not the 1980 Reichstag concert.

BJH more than 6 years ago

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