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Thanks for the music!

I'm from Boston in the USA and and been slowly getting into Shantel. I discovered Disko Partizani a couple of years ago and couldn't stop playing it. The whole family enjoyed it - it makes great driving music too! Right around then I went to Athens Greece for business, and I heard a folk version of Koupes (I'll smash glasses) in a restaurant. That was pretty eerie. Now, the Shantel disks are starting to accumulate in my collection. I can always count on him for something interesting.

Thanks for the interview. It's great to learn a bit more about the man behind the music.

Crw4096 more than 9 years ago

Thank you

Thank you also Mr. Robert Rigney for your great interview.

George more than 10 years ago

I like this!

I am from Moldova, a country wich also has been influenced or under influence of this kinde of sound, music.
My village is not far from Czernowitz I had been many times there when I was small. Our area, region is very close and connected with Czernowitz and Bucovina as a whole region, in many wais, comercial, traditional, social and of course cultural.
So mister Shantel I love so much your music I feel like its mine. What you are doing is totally diferent and specific only to you.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for that you took a huge risk and start to go on you own way with something totally new. BRAVO! (at these moment I am listening disko partizanii)

George more than 10 years ago

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