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Thanks for the music!

I'm from Boston in the USA and and been slowly getting into Shantel. I discovered Disko Partizani a couple of years ago and couldn't stop playing it. The whole family enjoyed it - it makes great driving music too! Right around then I went to Athens Greece for business, and I heard a folk version of Koupes (I'll smash glasses) in a restaurant. That was pretty eerie. Now, the Shantel disks are starting to accumulate in my collection. I can always count on him for something interesting.

Thanks for the interview. It's great to learn a bit more about the man behind the music.

Crw4096 more than 10 years ago

Thank you

Thank you also Mr. Robert Rigney for your great interview.

George more than 11 years ago

I like this!

I am from Moldova, a country wich also has been influenced or under influence of this kinde of sound, music.
My village is not far from Czernowitz I had been many times there when I was small. Our area, region is very close and connected with Czernowitz and Bucovina as a whole region, in many wais, comercial, traditional, social and of course cultural.
So mister Shantel I love so much your music I feel like its mine. What you are doing is totally diferent and specific only to you.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for that you took a huge risk and start to go on you own way with something totally new. BRAVO! (at these moment I am listening disko partizanii)

George more than 11 years ago

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