Nerd rock and jock-filled discos: does music make money in Berlin?




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Well soundcloud have done a good job ,did not kow it was Swedish ,,im shoked super cool!!!

Cuase im a Swedish Dj too doing my things in Berlin,well trying too,, so from a 20+ as a dj its nice that you on the cloud is ,,,well what you do

more than 11 years ago

Berlin music scene

It seems that weve come full circle. Back in the old days, artists made money on door sales, and later by selling records, cds, and other merchandise after the show. Big bizz cant get their filthy mitts on that anymore. Personally, it seems fair and makes more sense this way.
Berlin DOES have potential, but you have to stay realistic and work in a grassroots manner.
If you want to be the next Lady Gaga, then forget it, but if you want to just keep on what you love doing, and hopefully keep your head above water, then its a great city. There are alot more venues to play in than London or Paris, especially for the "little guys" and a huge wealth of music lovers who can actually afford to go out on a Tuesday night and rip it up until dawn. (Try doing THAT in London or Paris, where people have to work 80 hours a week to keep up....)

Keeley more than 11 years ago

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