Shit Bushwick says: Friends



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nice interview- love friends vibe in general

(Oh look-the Brooklyn Vegan freak out trolling!)

Gerard more than 9 years ago

there is no such thing as a Bushwick sound -wtf!

People live in bushdick because they cannot afford to live anywhere is ugly as sin, flooded with filth and hipster tripe that think they are adding flavor.... and now the home of many overpriced apartments complete with bed bugs, roaches and oh yeah, hipster dipsh#ts.

"The thing is, in places like Williamsburg, it’s all gentrified, all condos. Some people still think that’s like the cool part of Brooklyn, but it’s not. It’s very yuppie. It’s like Manhattan."

Do you know how stupid you sound here?

But yeah, back to Bushwick:

"Friends were getting jumped all the time:" Did you ever think THEY (the REAL Locals) DON'T WANT YOU THERE.

and no this band is not that cool and neither is this

Abigale more than 9 years ago

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