Tricky of the trade



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is he 15?

I like his music but he shits on people for no reason and acts like a teenager fighting for street cred. He can show common courtesy to people without recording with them. "Who gives a fuck about Massive Attack"? Well, who gives a fuck that 3D was slapped around as a kid! That was 40 years ago!

Ozren more than 7 years ago


I love this man, and i never use that word.

Johnny more than 7 years ago

Meeting Tricky

I really think Tricky and I would get along famously. The pun really just came out, but is kind of funny; being so fitting.

Azoil Kallitechnis Strigidae more than 7 years ago


Enjoyed every minute of this

DSCO more than 7 years ago

Tricky is essentially saying this.

And in fewer words.

José more than 7 years ago

Tricky has no fear.

I wonder how he gets along with Mykki Blanco?

Dubby more than 7 years ago

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