Much ado about nothing? Chris Dercon



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Whoever evicts a theatre, a stage of the people. with the police is not Berlin.

An "occupation" as an art performance that only extended to the empty corridors. Chris Dercon does not understand this city. He does not understand his theatre and his audience.

Andre more than 4 years ago


Great interview. And you can see how ridiculous the 'new' Berliners are in the form of Evelyn Annuss just be reading her answer to 3 questions: clamouring for the past the past and the past. How many horrific hours did she share w us as an audience member during Castorf's worst decade? He should have been long gone, it is truly time for something new. If she is referring to the 1920's history, well that is crazy gone too. Thanks ExBerliner. Fingers crossed for Dercon. Who knows?

Jac Carley more than 4 years ago

A link..

Great interview! Can you add a link to Dercon's 2010 article about the people in the cafés in Berlin?

Asking more than 4 years ago

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