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Stresemannstraße 29 Berlin

030 2590 0427

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Peaches. See what you want to see.

Peaches well and truly did herself proud. This never ending font of creativity appears to the unknowing eye to have reached every goal possible. However, Peaches being Peaches, certainly has more gold coming our way.

In the recent months Peaches has taken her shows to a whole new level of intimacy. Not the dildo wielding, tit twisting kind of intimacy, no. She has allowed her audiences an insight into her life. From growing up belting out Jesus Christ Superstar back to front, to the beginning of her career as the frontwoman of cool.

In Peaches Does Herself, the audience were whisked through the development of her music career. From DIY bedroom beats and unruly curls to the supersized dildos and tongue in cheek eroticism of her current offerings. She intertwined the songs brilliantly to produce not only this but also an on stage romance. A love story a la Peaches.

Probably the best show to hit a stage of this size in Berlin, but can the rest of the world handle this? It would be a crying shame to leave it here, although I would be down the front raring for more.

Yet another blinder of a night from Peaches. Berlin salutes you.

ämy more than 11 years ago


Yes, I do use a specific meaning of criticize. My apologies.

And sure, you can pick any show apart if you want to. What were your criticisms?

Summer Banks more than 11 years ago

Peaches Does Herself

Sorry, but the only reason you can't say something 'critical' on this show, is because you seem to apply a very one-dimensional meaning of the term

Cynthia more than 11 years ago

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