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a review is a review and you are an actor.

David Cassel, right or wrong you´re just being a fool. Can´t you take a bad review? Too bad for you man, you´re an actor. Your behaving like a crying baby. And she says some things that need to be said, that´s for sure. Relax man, have a glass of milk and do a good show tomorrow.

Ohhhh, the actor´s eternal need to be loved. That´s why I like the tech people ;-)

fritz the cat more than 9 years ago

This Is How It Goes - The Art of Criticism

To read my entire retort to Summer's "review" please visit:

David Cassel more than 9 years ago

This Is How It Goes

Summer Banks, or Lexie Parker as she is know in some other Berlin circles, as a critic has to be taken with a grain of salt. If one understands that she is far too involved with her own career as a performer, then it follows that she simply doesn't have enough global experience to objectively analyze a play of this complexity. Personally, I find her self aggrandizement off putting, to say the least.

Theatrical criticism requires that the writer maintain a certain distance from culture in order to properly be regarded as an objective "observer". Given that Summer Banks is an aspiring performance artist, comedian and vocalist of questionable talent, there is a certain conflict of interest and a reliance on a pre programmed political opinion ( read 20th century styled right wing American) that make her an unbalanced and unreliable commentator.

While the play is steeped with Racial underpinnings, it is obvious that she has missed the real point behind the play. "This is How It Goes" is not so much a play about race as it is about a kind of person that can exist in any racial, religious, political or social melieu that chooses to perpetuate a stereotype or myth for personal gain. Much the same as what Summer does when she writes criticism.

David Cassel more than 9 years ago

his IS How It Goes

According to Summer Banks, This is How It Goes, disappoints. It probably disappointed the writer at Ex Berliner because it didn't deliver what the somewhat sophomoric and inexperienced critic expected given her limited life experience and education. She might do well to read this week's article in The New Yorker on what it is to be a good critic. Stop now Summer, before you embarrass yourself any further.Here is the link:

David Cassel more than 9 years ago

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