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NextBike and GDPR

I use NextBike a lot due to the free usage with a Deezer account, but it has by far the worst app. The bike locations are often out-of-date, it freezes frequently (on iOS), returning the bike often takes over a minute to be recorded so that you are often charged for the next 30 mins while waiting for it to complete, and recently they had an issue for over a week whereby it "forgot" that returning to stations was free and added 50 cents to every ride. You had to call support to rectify it. At least I don't think they track your location data much because they seem only able to display the start and end points. Also as a general point, under the new GDPR regulations these companies must ask for your explicit permission for the ways in which they use the data. Perhaps a good follow-up article would be to issue Data Subject Access Requests to each company and see what they have?

Andrew France @odaeus more than 3 years ago

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