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Shiny, happy stories

So I guess the idea is to get fun, happy stories? Because I've got a hell of a Berlin story, but it definitely wouldn't make anyone want to move there.

Isoperla more than 8 years ago

DON'T tell the world!

because then more people will move here, and we'll have less of what we love about Berlin!!!
I hear Prague is the new hot-spot - get NPR to do a story about Prague, and leave us alone

Dave more than 8 years ago

Secret berlin

Oh yes Dave, because the location of Berlin has been such a well-kept secret until well after your own arrival. Posting responses like yours, insinuating that people (who arrived after you) are destroying your personal enjoyment of the city are plain silly. Berlin has great stories, and any city should be pleased that NPR would spend airtime about it, especially if it invilves the residents like this initiative.

Jeff more than 8 years ago

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